come come

سه شنبه 18 اردیبهشت 1397 03:00 ب.ظنویسنده : محمدرضا صفایی


مستی اگر بشکندم سر چه غم
                                                                             کو به تعقل نشود بر ستم
                                              دم به دمم می رسد از نو غمی
                                                                       روح خدا عیسی مریم (ع) بدم

By the name of forgiveness God
I bring my demand to you,
To your almighty power
And to your brightness of your face
To your historical dominance
You are the one which is ,
Constantly living,
Having everything in control,
To the name which the skies and earths are lighten based on it
To the name which begin and endless of everything is completed by it
You are the one,
Alive before any other living!
Alive after any other living!
Alive while there was no other living!
God , you are the one who made deaths living again
You are the one who take life of living creature
Forever alive!
There is no other God except you
Send this to our Mola
Leading overseer
The one who had the place
One who has performed on your rule
(which peace be upon him)
From all those believers in mountains and earth
In east part of earth
And west part of it
From me
And mother and father of me
Send all the respect equals with whole universe
Equal with all inks of his word
Things just God count them up
And his book would cover them up.
Today’s morning
And any other day which I will be alive ,
I will deal with your deputy , Mahdi , a new conformity
Date, commitment and being faithful to him
Will be always my duty
And I will never turn back to it,
This vow will never change
And it will never destroy, never!
My God!
Let me be his companion and his supporter
And his devotee
One of those who donate their life for him
Make me fast to fulfil his desire
I want
His order
His obedience
His endless supporter
Be for him and respect him
Before anyone else
Put me to death in front of him
My God!
If my death can cause distance between me and him
Take me out of grave
Even if I am covered by death clothes
Be ready for him
For him whom is a big inviter
Wherever I be
In a desert or city
My God!
I talk about him who is a handsome enlightened man
Show me that enlighten respectable man
Make my eyes beautiful
By just looking at him
Make his mission soon
And easy
And make his plan wide
And lead me to be his follower
Make his order powerful
His back be strong
Your lands be fertilize
And give your people another life by him
My God!
you just tell the true
due to what people done on the earth
disasters happened
Therefore, make him clear for us
Whom is the son of Mohamed’s daughter
and has the same name as prophet
Till he will overcome all the wrong things
Make the lies disappear and vanish them
Make the right to be in place
And make it happen
My God!
Place him as a backer for weak people
Make him as an assistant for those who have no other one except you
Make him to be a rationale for any rules which is not in place anymore
Make him a good cause for all your signs of religion and Mohammad’s sonat
To new ones
My God!
Place him with those
Who you supported them when brutal people suffering them
My God!
Accept my respect to yourself and his family
Make all followers of Mohammad (peace be upon him) happy
and support us when he is there
Forgive us
My God!
You are the kind-heartedness
I pledge you to your kindness
Make it disappear this unhappiness by placing him in this world
And make it fast his coming and mission
Some do not believe this
But we see it happing very soon
My molwa
Be fast, fast

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